Active Directory Sync

Active Directory Sync

Save Time on Managing Employee Data

Active Directory Synchronization (AD Sync) is a utility that performs a one way synchronization from a customers Active Directory environment to our Hosted Exchange Active Directory database, providing customers a single point to create, modify or delete Exchange Mailboxes Users and Service Users. Active Directory Synchronization will make the end user experience even better with password synchronization which synchronizes their local domain password with their email password, providing end users with one password. New customers migrating to Hosted Exchange will benefit greatly by being able to easily duplicate their Active Directory structure withing Exchange using the AD Sync utility by Citrix. DNSnetworks Hosted Exchange team charges a one-time setup fee of $99.95 for AD Sync.

AD Sync Features

  • User Account Synchronization

  • Name Synchronization sync name additions, deletions, modifications, etc.
  • Contact Info Synchronization sync contact additions, deletions, modifications, etc.
  • Membership Synchronization sync user group memberships
  • Password Synchronization sync password changes
  • Selective Attribute Synchronization sync address, phone number, title, etc.


  • Instant User Account Provisioning

  • Instant User Account Provisioning
  • Instant Exchange Mailbox Provisioning
  • Administrative Features

  • Distribution Groups Synchronization sync member list changes for groups
  • Address Book Synchronization syncs contact information from local AD
  • SSL encryption over public networks secure sync from customer to DNSnetworks Hosted Exchange
  • Encryption for passwords password syncs are encrypted prior to sending to Hosted Exchange

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