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We help companies make the most of their IT investments. With a flexible IT infrastructure, enterprises are better equipped to adapt to changing business demands and exploit new opportunities.

Exchange Cloud Hosting – secure, reliable and flexible.

Let our team design a custom messaging solution that meets your ever growing needs. Be it a private email cloud, or the use of our Hosted Microsoft Exchange cloud, we are here to help.

Cloud Messaging Hosting Features

Public cloud providers send you a billing surprise each month. Our pricing plans mean you can properly budget your monthly costs.

Secure, direct administrative access to all of your messaging servers. Administer your own server or use our fully managed solution option.

We offer a completely managed experience including monitoring, patching, and administrative support for all your messaging servers by our around the clock Technical Response Team.

All of our cloud messaging servers and private cloud messaging environments come with 24x7 support. Call us anytime.

Our Infrastructure Location Details - Our network Diagram

Powered by VMware®, Juniper® and Oracle®, DNSnetworks' cloud architecture provides full security and reliability. We operate one of the most redundant network environments in Canada.

Unlike most hosting providers, we don't charge for traffic to and from your cloud servers. All traffic over your optional MPLS connection to corporate IT is also free.

We have direct peering to over 13 network providers, including: Shaw, Telus, Primus, Bell, and more.
Questions? Call us at 1 866 720 7162

Access to secure storage on our Oracle Fiber Channel Storage Area Network.

For more information regarding our services, please visit our website or our parent company at www.dnsnetworks.ca and or email us at [email protected].
For a limited time Mailstratus is providing a FREE onsite messaging assessment of your messaging environment. We will determine how we can reduce technology related costs and provide a report on the health of your messaging infrastructure.
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